Oct 21, 2012


We carved our pumpkins for Halloween today! 

  Both boys were very excited! Nicole just wanted to eat them!

 Jamie, Ramsey and I gutted the pumpkins into a clean bag. After we got them all scraped out, we outlined our patterns onto the pumpkins! 

 I finished mine and Nicole's first, so while Jonathon continued to work on his and Ramsey's, I helped Jamie work on his!

I selected something a little less traditional. For those unfamiliar with it, this is the symbol for "Om"

Jamie opted for Wreck-It Ralph
And Ramsey chose a spider and web!

Not a bad bunch if I say so myself!

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Mommy Needs A Break said...

Love it!! Found you from Facebook and The Om Symbol pumpkin is so great!! I have that tattoo :) I'm awarding you the Liebster Blog award! I'll post you a link on your facebook so you can see what to do!! Happy Halloween