Jun 25, 2013

Sorry I'm Lame!

Yeah I know, it's been like a year since I posted on here! I really suck at the whole maintaining a journal/blog thing! Part of it is the fact that I feel like when I post on here, it needs to be something long and thought out and crafty and awesome! When in reality, my life is never thought out, crafty, and awesome... well sometimes it is, but it's rarely worthy of a long post! Anyhow, I'll try to be more vigilant about posting on here, but most of the action takes place on Facebook where I feel ok with posting little quips and bits and random pictures! So if you want to link up to me there you can do so by clicking this spot right here ---> {My FB Page}

I promise to post some amazing recipes, crafty fun, and some cool pics of our little farm we're slowly building! I do have a couple of posts in the making right now, but they aren't quite ready. Soon though!

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